Amazing Guide To Dog Breeds - Helping You Choose Your Next Dog

There are so many dog breeds.

And here I thought there would be a maximum of 10 but turns out there are more than 20 dog breeds. The most interesting thing? The fact that each and every one of them is unique and different in their own way.

You might think their personalities don’t matter. However, you’d be furthest from the truth. You see, what If you are a runner and your dog is a lazy ass? We wouldn’t want that now, would we? That is why Grace Gogarty is here to help.

She has created a series of dog breeds explaining every dog’s habits and whatnot. So you will be able to choose the right one for yourself. At the end of the day, everyone needs a dog period. And there shall not be any further debate on this.

#1 Doberman.

#2 Husky.

#3 Labs.

#4 German Shepherd.

#5 Pittbulls.

#6 Great Dane.

#7 Yorkshire Terrier.

#8 Rottweiler.

#9 Pug.

#10 Bernese Mountain Dog.

#11 Golden Retriever.

#12 Poodles and Doodles.

#13 Border Collies.

#14 Akita.

#15 Bulldog.

#16 Newfoundland.

#17 Chihuahua.

#18 Shiba Inu.

#19 Dachshund.

#20 Boxers.

#21 Bichon Frise.

#22 Shih Tzu.

#23 Maltese.

#24 Hound dogs.

So which one of all these magnificent dog breeds will you choose? Or do you already have your best friend? (Humans don’t count.)

Comment on below and let us know if you think the artist did these dogs justice. Or it might be that your Hound dog doesn’t like napping at all.

via doggo