Why you should get an LED collar for your dog

LED light up dog collars can make romping around at night safe as well as fun!

Whether you’re out on a family summer camping trip, or just taking a quick night-time stroll around the neighborhood, light up collars can help keep your canine safe and visible even in darkness.

Why LED Dog Collars Rock

LED light up dog collars are handy for a number of reasons:

  • Keep Track Of Your Pooch at Night. LED dog collars are fantastic for keeping track of your dog at night. While you may not need to see your pooch glowing around in your backyard, they’re great for many outdoor situations, such as impromptu trips to the beach at night or camping in the woods. Instead of fretting over where Fido ran off to, you can keep an eye on his glowing, wiggly butt as he runs around.
  • Keep Your Dog Visible to Motorists. At night it’ll be pretty tough for motorists to see dogs darting out in the middle of the streets. LED light up collars make it easy for drivers to see your pooch and can go a long way to preventing accidents.
  • Illuminates Your Path. LED collars are also handy for illuminating a dark path while you walk with your pooch. Rather than holding onto a flashlight, your dog’s collar can glow to show bumps in the sidewalk or roots in the woods, helping to reduce tripping or falling.
  • Easier to Pick Up Nighttime Poop. Lastly, trying to hold on to your dog’s leash and your phone (with flashlight mode enabled), all while fumbling with a dog poop bag isn’t any fun. Your dog’s collar can shed enough light to give you a spare hand and make picking up poop that much easier.

Get your LED Collars.