Avengers Endgame To Collect More Than 800 Million Dollars - Everything About The Finale

Premiering within a few days, the movie "Avengers: Endgame" is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and more if we talk about the genre of superheroes. Obviously, the expectations of the box office are very high. One thing of note is that the Chinese authorities have authorized the release of the film for April 24.

This means that, unlike "Avengers: Infinity War" or many other superhero films, the film will arrive in China at the same time as the rest of the countries, which will undoubtedly affect the film's box office in the Asian country.

If we extrapolate the situation of 'Infinity War' to 'Endgame', the movie is slated to start its first weekend worldwide with a box office of 840 million dollars.

This figure basically comes from the fact that 'Infinity War' got 382.8 million dollars in the domestic box office and 257.7 million outside the United States in its premiere weekend (total 640.4 million) and two weeks later got 199.3 million at its premiere in China. They add up to 840 million that as little could be the figure with which the Avengers movie starts.

We even have a new Avengers poster that comes from China. A spectacular poster with the same style as the banner a few days ago and which pays homage to the fallen ones in its lower part.

Avengers: Endgame will close Steve Rogers 'bow and address Thanos' devastation

Marvel Studios has carried out what could be one of the last events with the press to promote "Avengers: Endgame" on Sunday. Much of the main cast of the film participated in an event along with directors Joe and Anthony Russo and producer (and Marvel Studios president) Kevin Feige.

The director of "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2", Jon Favreau, acted as moderator in this event in which different members of the press could ask their questions, remembering both "Avengers: Infinity War" events and anticipating, without great revelations, what we will see in 'Endgame'.

About an hour of talk from which we can highlight some comments:

  • Actor Chris Evans has assured fans that Steve Rogers' bow will be complete at the end of the film, a comment that was quickly interrupted by Joe Russo, leaving open to interpretation what implications that can have.
  • The actress Karen Gillan disclosed what is to come of her character Nebula. Given the treatment she received as Thanos's adopted daughter, Gillan hinted that her next encounter will be even more complicated.

"He suffers some problems with his father. I think I'm excited that he finally faces the source of this abuse. It's something that has been built through multiple films ... I'd like to see her try it and face that. I do not know if he will. I'm not going to say anything. I was very nervous that I could have revealed something."

  • Anthony Russo talked about the devastating finale of 'Infinity War' and how his interests changed the characters for better or for worse. The director admits that he and his brother Joe like to "corral" at the narrative level because it forces them to create a creative way out of the predicament they made for themselves. Russo says that 'Endgame' is completely about how the surviving characters deal with the incredible devastation of Thanos, both intimately and personally, and at the team level, however, fractured they may be.

One of our favorite narrative sayings is 'Write yourself in a corner', what we understand by that is that you put yourself in a place where you have no idea how you could move forward but it is exciting to be there. It forces you to find very creative ways to move forward.

We've tried to do it with the endings of all the Marvel movies we've done, maybe more with 'Infinity War'. We were very committed to the end of that film because we felt that the stories lose their relevance and resonance unless there is a lot at stake.

For us, when entering this film in Endgame, the story is about 'How do these heroes deal with the loss; the resonant loss, the true loss, the devastating loss?'. That is what they have experienced in 'Infinity War' and it was a unique experience for them. The way they are written in this story is how each one individually deals with that experience and then how they deal with it collectively.

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