Characters Who've Broken Captain America's Shield

Today I'm going to tell you guys the characters who've broken the Captain America’s shield over the years and just so you guys know, I'm only going to be mentioning the times it's been broken within the Marvel earth-616 continuity.



Kicking this list off is the mad Titan himself Thanos. In the 1991 miniseries the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos assembles the six infinity gems on his glove to gain the power of time, space, mind, soul, reality and power. Clearly the gems gave him godlike powers. So what did the mad Titan do with all these powers you ask? Well of course he slaughters half of the sentient life in the galaxy like it was nothing and when fighting Captain America, he breaks Captain America's shield into pieces. Not in half but into itty-bitty pieces. Fortunately for the universe Thanos’s alleged granddaughter Nebula manages to get the Gauntlet and uses it to reverse the effects of Thanos’s rampage. In the process Captain America's shield is restored; oh and billions are brought back to life.



Next person who broke caps shield is King Thor. When father Odin dies, Thor becomes king of Asgard infused with the Odinforce. The Odinforce gives him near infinite power as well as a huge temper. In a fit of rage inside Thor issue 73, King Thor kills Captain America and breaks his shield. However that didn't last long much, like the bout with Thanos. Lord Thor goes back in time to change history and issue 79 so this never happened but nonetheless he still broke his shield.


Molecule Man:

Molecule Man is another character who broke Captain America shield. Molecule Man is a super villain who can control molecules. Go figure. Meaning, he's one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe because pretty much everything is made up of molecules. Duh! In the Avengers issue 215 Molecule Man proves how powerful he is by disintegrating Thor's hammer, Iron Man's armor, the Silver Surfer’s board and of course Captain America shield. But when the Avengers defeat him, the Molecule Man agrees to reassemble everything.


Dr. Doom:

In the 1980s Secret Wars limited series a godlike being known only as the Beyonder, transports Earth's Mightiest super heroes and super villains onto a distant world, so well have a war. Dr. Doom ends up stealing the Beyonder’s powers. Once he does—he incinerates all the heroes with an energy blast at which point we see Captain America's broken shield. When eventually the Beyonder reclaims his power, the heroes are temporarily granted the ability to realize their wishes and Captain America uses this to reconstruct his shield.


The Serpent:

During the 2011 fear itself' miniseries, Cap throws his shield at the serpent who's the Asgardian god of fear and brother to Odin. The Serpent catches the shield like it's a frisbee and then breaks it into pieces over his head with his bare hands. But of course Captain America shield can't stay broken so it has to be fixed. Just like all the other times I mentioned above. This time the shield was reconstructed by stark using the mystical Asgardian metal Uru, making it stronger than ever. The weaponsmith dwarves that helped Stark, weren't able to remove the crack that went across the shield, so stark offered to take the scar off but cap stated that it gave the old girl a little bit of character.


And just like that my comic Conrad's you have characters who've broken Captain America shield.


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