Superman Vs. Dr. Strange- Who Will Win ?

So today we're throwing two very powerful of a different heroes head to head. Superman and Dr. Strange.


It’s going to be one incredible fight. So, let's dive right on in.



Superman's Kryptonian body is constantly absorbing energy from Earth's Yellow Sun giving him incredible superhuman strength, speed, durability and flight.

Clark is easily one of the strongest beings in the DC universe. He is able to move objects that weigh countless tons and even have been able to move planets before, which is an insanely impressive feat. He can also move faster than light speed. He can move his limbs at incredible speeds, dishing out dozens of strikes in just a second. He also possesses an incredible level of durability, as he can withstand punches from Mongol, doomsday and Darkseid. Powerful energy attacks. Can even surviving cosmic level destruction. Superman's physiology allows him to shoot beams of highly concentrated thermal energy from his eyes and can blow freezing air from his mouth. Clark has years of fighting experience. Although he tends to rely upon his powers and only has a basic knowledge at hand to hand combat. Superman has a vulnerability to magic and it can be used to injure Superman and has even shown to be able to counter some of Superman's powers.


Dr. Strange a.k.a. Stephen Strange


He was an egotistical surgeon who sought out the ancient one, to heal his hands after they were wounded in a car accident. Instead, the ancient one trained him to become the master of the mystic arts and the sorcerer supreme of earth. Many other the Strange’s magical powers stem from his ability to manipulate the mystical energies in the Marvel Universe. They can use these energies to Casting the infinite variety of spells. Strange can create energy tax capable of destroying planets, manipulate matter and energy, transmute matter, open and seal portals to other realms, warp reality, turn intangible, travel to the astral plane, summon supernatural beings and can unleash powerful mental attacks. He also has automatic shields that surround him at all times and have been able to stop attacks from the Silver Surfer before. Dr. Strange is able to summon the power of supernatural mystical beings to empower his spells. So it is a popular saying that Dr. Strange is as powerful as the god he invokes. For instance he can even call upon the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, which would cause an unbreakable bonds to form around an opponent capable of restraining even the Hulk. He gets his power from the power of mystical realms as well like being able to send opponents to the realm of Faltine (birthplace of Dormammu) and capable of burning even Celestials.


So who will win?

Let’s break it down now. These two are very very different heroes and have different powers.

Superman tends to rely upon his incredible strength, durability and speed when fighting. While Dr. Strange can cast an infinite amount of spells with patience. So while Dr. Strange clearly has more variety of attacks in his arsenal, Superman’s real asset is his strength and speed; most notably his speed. Superman can fly much faster than the speed of light so he’ll be able to take Dr. Strange out before it can even move or think i.e. except for the automatic shields that Dr. Strange always has surrounding him. These shields have been able to stop Silver Surfer before so they should be able to stop Superman as well.

Meanwhile Dr. Strange won't just be standing there. No, he would be casting countless spells. For instance he could project energy blasts capable of destroying planets, manipulate matter, unleash powerful mental attacks, warp reality, trap Superman with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak etc etc. Now since Superman has been shown to be vulnerable to magic before, I really don't believe there's anything he'd be able to do stop it. So because of the automatic shield and infinite variety of spells, I gotta give the victory to Doctor Strange.

But I would love to hear your opinions down below in the comments, about who do you think should be the winner.


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