When Spider-Man Became Cosmic

Just when you thought your friendly neighborhood Spider-man couldn't get any cooler, you find out once upon a time, he went cosmic and became incredibly OP.


Guys remember when Spider-man became as powerful as Superman? I don't mean Superman specifically, I mean characters at his level of power. So Superman, Shazam, Sentry, Martian Manhunter and so on. I'm talking about when Spiderman became cosmic or when the web had become Captain Universe to be exact. For those of you who don't know who Captain Universe is, he's the physical manifestation of the Uni-Power. But what the heck is the Uni-Power? Well it's a sentient power that bonds to a chosen being at times of great need, in order to become Captain Universe. So basically they're one in the same. Anyway, once the Uni-Power chooses a host, it infuses them with a variety of cosmic powers for the purpose of protecting the universal balance. It all happened during the Acts of Vengeance Story line, which was basically a story where a crap-ton of Marvel villains came together, to take down all the world's heroes.

But luckily for Spidey in Spectacular Spider-Man Issue 158, he gained the powers of Captain Universe through a freak accident at Empire University, where he was helping a professor. While there, one of the machines in his lab overloaded, causing it to explode and release unknown energies that flowed through Peter Parker's body, giving him the cosmic powers of Captain Universe. I will add however that he didn't take on Captain Universe’s consciousness. So Spider-man didn't really know what the heck was going on. He just knew he was way more powerful out of nowhere and I mean way more powerful. For example he single-handedly defeated Dragon Man, one of the most powerful androids ever created in the Marvel Universe. He also defeated the Tri-Sentinel. The Tri-Sentinel is three sentinels fused into one by Loki's magic. Some of you might still be thinking “so he beat two strong robots… big whoop, that's not super impressive.” Well both are crazy impressive if you know anything about Dragon Man and the Tri-Sentinel but I'll take it up a notch.

Spidey also freaking punched The Grey Hulk into space. You read it right; from earth into space. This left the Hulk floating around in orbit, so Spider-man had to fly into space and bring him back down to earth. After he brought the Hulk back down to earth, the Hulk says “if you're looking for thanks forget it, I would have saved myself somehow. Still it was a nice gesture, so I'm going to return the favor. I won't kill you this time” – to which Spider-man replies “kill me? After doing what I just did I'm not sure I could even die.” So not only did he punch one of Marvel's strongest heroes into space and then fly to space to bring him back, Spider-man became so powerful that he didn't even know he could die.

Powers and Abilities:

  • He has matter control and complete control over the four fundamental forces of the universe. With this Spidey can rearrange matter to create anything he wants.
  • He can also manipulate and discharge any form of energy or radiation.
  • He can shoot energy beams from his hands with so much destructive force, it can destroy planets.
  • He also has nearly limitless godlike strength along with being invulnerable.
  • His whole body is resistant to injury and can easily withstand the crushing pressure from a freaking black hole. He can even withstand plunges into stars and survive supernovas unharmed.
  • Then he has Uni-vision, which is a sense that allows them to see things at a subatomic level or at far distances.
  • This version of Spider-man can also fly, phase through solid objects. He is capable of trans-dimensional travel.
  • He can grant limited cosmic powers to others and the list goes on for days.


What it really comes down to is that the Uni-Power grants situational power, meaning it grants the host whatever it needs, to overcome the crisis or situation at hand. Making whoever's chosen to be Captain Universe and given control of the Uni-Power, one of the most powerful beings in the universe if not the most powerful.

As a side note in the main 6-1-6 universe, after Spider-man defeated the Tri-Sentinel, he reverted back to his normal, non-cosmic self but on earth 91110 the unit power stays with Spider-man because of his heightened sense of responsibility. So all things considered it is clear that Cosmic Spider-Man is easily on par with characters like Superman and Sentry. So just when you thought your friendly neighborhood Spider-man couldn't get any cooler, you find out once upon a time he went cosmic and became incredibly OP.

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