Which Is Stronger: Adamantium or Vibranium?

Wolverine's skeleton Vs. Captain America's Shield, let's see who wins.

One of a very popular question that arises from time to time in the comic book universe is that, which Marvel metal is stronger or more durable- Adamantium or Vibranium? A lot of you may be thinking this is kind of a no-dug question, but it's a question that is constantly being brought up by fans.

Now as we all know Adamantium is the metal that covers Wolverines bones and Claws and Vibranium is what Captain America's shield is made of. There are several different versions of both metals.  But here I'm not going to get into the different types, so just know that I'm talking about both metals in general anyway. The answer is fairly simple to which metal is stronger, once you understand what each metal does. Let's start with Vibranium.


Its main function is to nullify any and all force that is put against. Hence, it is almost always being used to protect someone or something. For example, it's most widely known for being the material used to create Captain America’s shield and as an example, Vibranium is the ability to absorb in dispersed force is the reason why when caps shield takes a hit from someone like the juggernaut or the Hulk, his bones don't turn to dust. In the process it's for this same reason why Black Panther uses a Vibranium mesh in his costume to act as armor so when people are shooting at him the bullets are robbed of their momentum and don't bounce off. They just simply come to a stop like we saw in the Civil War movie when he's being hit with machine-gun fire but it has no effect. The Vibranium mesh also allows them to take hits from beings with incredible strength, because again, it just absorbs the force of the hit. Now having said that just because it could absorb a large amount of force and is remarkably strong it has been broken and damaged on several occasions. (Read here about it). An example of this would be the long list of people who have broken Captain America's shield over the years. Such as Thanos, King Thor, Doctor Doom, The Serpent and so on. But let's move on to Adamantium.



Adamantium is mostly known for being indestructible. In fact there's only a handful of examples of it even being damaged. The two of which that comes to mind would be when Thor's slightly damaged a cylinder of Adamantium with his hammer after putting all his force into it and the second being when the Hulk punched Ultron, who was made of Adamantium, but he only put a dent into his frame. Adamantium is so strong that it's capable of surviving multiple nuclear explosions with no damage. Essentially once Adamantium dries and is set in a particular shape, it's going to stay that way forever and be virtually indestructible at that.

In summary that fact alone gives you your answer friends while Vibranium is incredibly strong that's not its main attribute. Its main attribute is that it could absorb almost any force of energy while Adamantium’s main attribute is that it's virtually indestructible.

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